Google Font previewer can be a nice quick tool that lets you preview Google’s Fonts in a custom sentence, so you get a better idea of how your exact content for your website will look. Using the font family drop down list you first select your font. Then you are presented with a slick slider that lets you adjust the font size. After that you select your variant i.e. Regular, Bold, Italic. A really nice feature that they offer is the Shadow option which lets you add a nice shadow to all of your text.

They offer some more quick and easy options like Transform, which lets you, set the css properties of text-transform using a quick and easy radio button. Same as The Transform option they offer the Decoration property to set an underline, strike-through or overline. Again, they make things so easy, with these Letter, Word and Line spacing options. Move the sliders until you get your desired effect, kinda awesome!

Once done adjusting, copy the tag and paste that in between the head tags of your Html… …. Then just copy the css styles: body {font-family: ‘Allan’, serif; font-size: 27px;…} and paste that into your css file. Good to go!

Link To Google’s Font Previewer