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How Does Google Fonts Stack Up With The Other Web Font Services?

Posted on Jun 6, 2011 in New Post | 58 comments

Below Is an overview of the top web font services written by Sylvia Egger of There was no overview for web fonts so he decided to make one… he will be updating this and keeping it up to date and accurate.

Web Font Services Overview


  1. Typekit is clearly the pro designer winner. Although, I think it may be incorrect to say mostly Latin letters at Typekit since – so many foundries use it – some have or will have a massive variety of non Latin alphabets?

    Not shown in the ratings: quality of the fonts offered. I’ve not looked but I imagine some of the smaller hosts might not have as big a selection of *quality* fonts. Each will have some or even many good or excellent fonts. But even Google Fonts at 100 might not have the number of quality fonts as some of the 300+ offerings by other hosts.

    What’s a “quality font”, a graphic designer or type designer who went to a top design program with 10 or more years in the industry can tell you. It is not about taste. For example, some people hate Times and some people like Times. But all would agree that of the many versions of Time out there, certain foundries made quality versions and perhaps one or two sell the highest quality version of it. Usually the cheaper the font, the worse the quality.

    • Very good points, but I just don’t see anyone competing with Google. They aren’t going anywhere any times soon, their library is only getting larger and the quality will only get better. For a free service, you can’t beat it.


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